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Frequently Asked Questions

Just in case everything is not clear on our main sales page, here are some frequently asked questions with answers:

Q: You say that you have 1,700 questions in quiz pack one, that's a strange number, why 1,700?

A: Well, we started off with 1,000 questions but our Quiz Master kept coming up with more interesting questions so we kept adding them. In fact, as this page is being written, there are more than 1,700 questions. When we add more questions and arrive at a whole number, the main page will get updated. After you have bought the quiz pack, save the download link in your favourites and download the pack as many times as you like. We frequently update the questions and you will always be able to get the latest version, along with any new bonus items added, just by visiting our 'thank-you' page again.

Q: I see that the pack is available in Microsoft Word format, I don't have Microsoft Word installed so why should I buy your quiz pack?

A: Yes, we are aware that many people do not use Microsoft Word, and why should you? We offer our quiz packs in multiple formats so you can decide which one(s) you want to download. Every format that we generate is available as a download link on our 'thank-you' page. We currently offer the quiz questions in plain text format (viewable in any text editor, such as Notepad in Windows, Emacs under Unix and so on), HTML format (which any internet browser can open - simply click 'File', 'Open' in your favourite web browser), Adobe Acrobat PDF format (which will require a PDF viewer, such as Acrobat Reader, free from www.adobe.com) and of course the Microsoft Word format (which can even be viewed using the free Microsoft Word viewer from www.microsoft.com). If you need another format that we do not currently have, we will be only too glad to try and convert it for you. Simply contact us and we will do the rest.

Q: Many quiz websites offer quiz questions that are so geographically targeted (for example: only people in Britain would know the answer) that I would only be able to use a percentage of the questions. How are your questions targeted?

A: Simple one that one. Our questions have been written for an international audience. They have been tried and tested on British, Irish, American, Canadian, German, French, Spanish and Portugese quiz team members, so we know that they are not geographically targeted!

Q: After I have bought your quiz pack, can I sell the pack online, say in an Ebay auction?

A: No, we do not allow you to do that. We can however license the questions and answers for resale in bulk. Please contact us for our rates.

Q: You say that you have over 150 pages in the first quiz pack, but what size font do you use, perhaps a large one?

A: No, we use Arial font, size 10, normal style. No cheating the page count from our side!

Q: I really like your multiple choice quiz packs, do you have any more or plan on releasing any more?

A: We do have more multiple choice questions over at our sister website http://www.myquizshop.com but do not plan to publish any more packs here at ChanceToLearn. The quiz material at MyQuizShop is unique and there is no overlap between our quiz packs here and at MyQuizShop.

Q: I am very interested in buying your quiz packs and using the content in a mobile application, am I allowed to do that under your licensing agreement? Am I allowed then to sell the questions as part of the application?

A: Yes! We allow you to use our questions and answers in your mobile or web applications, but ONLY where it is not possible for the user of the application to reverse engineer the package in order to quickly get hold of all questions and answers in one easy move. For example, putting the quiz material into an encrypted or SQLlite database is allowed under the agreement but putting them into a readable CSV file or unencrypted Microsoft Excel document is not allowed.

We also allow you to sell the questions as either part of your application or as an add-on to an original application, such as a plugin or in-app purchase.

Q: $25.00 is quite a lot of money for a quiz pack, why is the price so high?

A: When I first told the Quiz Master that we were going to sell his questions for $25.00 he nearly choked on his beer. We do not consider the price too high, considering the thousands of hours taken researching and writing the questions, ensuring accuracy and filtering out the questions we don't think you will find interesting. Yes it is possible to buy questions elsewhere at a cheaper price but we can guarantee that the quality and entertainment factor of our competitors' questions would not be as high as ours, not that we are blowing our own trumpet of course! ;)

Q: You say that your questions are not easy, then how are my quiz team players going to get the answers right?

A: A quiz is only difficult when you don't know the answers. The majority of our questions are written in such a way that probably most players _do_ know the answers, they just have to chew on the questions for a while. For example, some of our country-related questions are not cryptic, they just require that a team of players debate between themselves before submitting their answers. We believe there is no point in asking questions where every team gets over 98% of the answers correct. We also hate the type of questions where you either know the answer or you don't, that's no fun for anyone.

Q: I have more questions, can I contact you?

A: Of course, we would be more than happy to answer your questions, just visit the contact us page.

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